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Worrying 5 days Post-Op about Lipo Only (with Diffuse Glandular Breast Tissue)

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Hi- I've been lurking on this site for years. Currently, I'm a 30, 160lbs with a fairly thin frame and have had puffy nipples since I was 15, which basically prevented me from taking off my shirt in front of anyone- a huge self-esteem killer. Just took the plunge and am 5 days post op.

During my consultation my PS mentioned that we would likely go excision and lipo but than during the examination he mentioned that he didn't feel a hard disk of glandular tissue (I remember I used to have a hard disk in my teens) but rather was feeling diffuse glandular breast tissue (not fat), which is a little more uncommon and that I was a great candidate for Lipo (if he needed, he would excise the rest of it). Now that I'm reading through the boards, its causing me to worry a little bit since he ended up doing 'Lipo only'. I'm not sure if the fact that my glandular tissue was diffuse puts me in a category where liposuction is more effective or if I should've insisted on excision. I'm told 200ccs were removed

Right after my surgery ( I was a little out of it) Things seemed pretty flat or....different (though my nipples seemed like they had a little extra skin (probably from being stretched out for years) and when I pushed on them they felt 'hollow'.

Fast forward to day four post-op and both of my nipples were puffy again, though my chest definitely looks contoured a lot nicer.  I know there is swelling to be expected (though the bruising is really clearing up) but its just that reading through these boards and how many people say Lipo only isn't as effective has caused seeds of doubt to start sprouting. I know there is nothing i can do about it at this point, but just wanted to vent.

Does anyone have similar experiences?

I've attached a couple of pictures pre-op and a couple 4 days post op

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=29411.0


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When I had both done my nipple shrank in size a fair bit. From the photos yours look a similar size to the pre-op. To me it looks like you needed the glandular taken away but I'm not a doctor and if your PS said he would do it if necessary you'd like to think he saw that is wasn't necessary.

Tbh the lipo will cause swelling for a while after so I'd just say wait it out for things to settle. You might be worrying about nothing in the end. I know it's not what you wanna hear but after 5 days not many surgery's look too good.


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I'd contact your PS if you are unhappy at any point. Early on he will likely say it's too early and he's probably right but at least he'll be aware. Might make you feel a little easier about it too.

I'm going in tomorrow for my first post-op appointment, which I'm looking forward to in order to get some peace of mind and bring it up. I totally understand that it takes time for it all to go down and settle and I'm willing to be a patient man if thats the case. It just sucks that I've been waiting years and years to muster up and get this done and it just seems so anti-climactic :/

Still very early in the healing process and there is mos likely some swelling.  However, one observation:  breast tissue can feel soft and fat can sometimes feel hard.  There is no way that any lay person or any doctor can tell for sure what tissue is beneath the nipples.  that is why it is important to go to a plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience in gyne surgery.

If is my strong opinion that the chest has to look perfect at the end of the operation.  If there is any puffiness at that time, then it will continue to be a problem.

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Thank you for your reply.

I'm going in for my first post-op tomorrow morning. I don't want to put my PS on the defensive, but I want to make sure I understand how effective the Lipo was (i.e.: after all was said and done on the table were things flat? Was he able to remove the glandular tissue he was expecting, successfully). Is there a way you would suggest I ask him this so that I don't have to go the next X number of months guessing.

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