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Will my chest reduce in size anymore or is this about how small it will get?

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I am 4 days post op and my chest looks good.  It is hard (probably from swelling?) and was just wondering and hoping if the size will reduce a little overtime.  Did the size reduce in time for you? Thanks

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howdy, you are very early in your healing process man. give it time, i know you dont want to hear this but time is the only thing that will help you heal. your chest WILL decrease i can promise you that. you will get swelling, scar tissue everything you could imagine that will deform your chest for some time. but keep your head up IT WILL GO AWAY and your chest will be very nice once everything is all said and done. 6-12 months man, im almost a month post op and im STILL swollen and have quite a significant amount of scar tissue under my left nipple causing it to puff out a tad bit, but when i wear my compression vest for awhile it goes back down. so KEEP THE VEST ON AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! anyways good luck brothaaaa!

thanks for the reply

I am supposed to keep my vest on for atleast another week (15 days post) but will most likely wear it off and on for longer than that until I feel like I am ready to burn it lol

I am very happy with the results....I had so much excess skin and my gyne was very bad.  It looks very good even now.  Its far from perfect but its something I can be happy and live with :)

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