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Very slight concave nipples 3 weeks post op- Still time to change?

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Hey guys,

I had surgery three weeks ago with a very well respected Boston plastic surgeon who has done over 400 gynecomastia surgeries.  I saw him 3 days ago for my 3 week post-op visit and he removed the strips from my nipples.  The countour of my chest was perfect, and with the strips on everything looked amazing.  However, after taking off the strips the skin of the areola looked a little weird, a bit crinkly and it feels really weird (Though because I've had puffy nips almost as long as I can remember, I guess I don't know what it should actually feel like).  However, there's a tiny bit of an indent in both nipples.  Just the slightest, but it's not perfect .  He said that I was looking "ideal" for this point in my recovery and that everything would sort out perfectly in a few months.   

What experiences did you guys have?  Did any of you have slightly weird looking nips 3 weeks post-op that resolved?  How long did it take?  Just a little worried

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Re: Very slight concave nipples 3 weeks post op- Still time to change?
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Post some images so we can see what you're talking about   :D

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