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To what extent can swelling occur? How much reduction is realistic?

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I had my operation on the 22nd (gland excision + lipo - can't remember how much was removed going to try and find out when I go back to see the surgeon on Thursday..) Anyway, what I want to know is how much swelling can occur post operation and how much reduction is realistic?

I had drains in for around 48 hours after the operation, but I have looked at my chest today (with plaster on over areola and some of chesta area) and if anything it seems just as big possible bigger than before the operation! Is it possible swelling can do this? And is it realistic to expect my chest area to reduce by much once this goes down?

50% reduction? 100% reduction? I realise it's quite a big question that will depend much on the induvidual etc but if anyone could post from experience (surgeon, ex sufferer) that'd be great. I just don't know how to feel right now and am scared I'm not going to see much if any benefit from having the surgery - however both the surgeon and his assistant seemed pretty happy with the result and were confident I would be also, and did warn me when they were checking it from time to time that it was quite swollen.

Any advice is appreciated!


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Re: To what extent can swelling occur? How much reduction is realistic?
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It all depends on how much or had large ur g was. If u had drains on for 48 hours I doubt u have much swelling. But the name of the game is waiting, 3 to 6 month u should wAit before judging results. As for fluid it's only important to get it checked out if there is lots of swelling on one aide that hurts slot when u use ur arm to do thing. If it's alittle swelling then don't worry it's healing. I'm 2 month And a week and still have a feeling of gland but it's getiing better

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