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The truth about the donut lift

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The truth about the donut lift
« on: March 30, 2011, 12:17:17 AM »
The second example is a middle aged gentleman who lost over 100lbs. He is left with a considerable amount of excess skin. In fact, there is so much excess skin an anchor type skin excision would be a consideration. Still, we decided to go with the smaller incision - i.e. the donut lift. This examples shows the maximum amount of skin that can be removed with a donut lift and still achieve a unnoticeable incision. In this case, it took over 8 months for the scar to fade and by 1 year it was completely unnoticeable.

To conclude, if you have loose, saggy skin on your chest, you most likely are better off having this skin removed else you will be left with even more loose, saggy skin when the breast tissue is removed.

Before Surgery                                                               3 Months After Donut Lift

Before Surgery                                                              4 Months After Donut Lift                                                      8 Months After

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