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"Swollen" right nipple / feels empty underneath? Removing more gland (?)

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I came off a revision surgery 20 days ago, where I had _VERY_ minor lipo done only, I told the surgeon I am not satisfied with my right nipple but he only commented with that if he removed anything more the skin around the area would "die"? Anybody ever heard this?

The right nipple is currently, post revision surgery, puffed out in a strange way, it is as if it was swollen but when I press on it, it feels somewhat empty underneath, on the sides of the nipple I had stitches, and I can feel something around the nipple, it's very little though, I am very unsure if my puffyness is due to scar-tissue,  it does look swollen and I am wondering what this could be, I can barely "grab" what's inside the nipple as it feels somewhat empty? I do not believe in "scar tissue" because it is not hard under the nipple where it is puffy.

The surgeon cut some skin off to tighten the skin, I don't know if this would be the "skin lift" they are talking about here (masteoplaxy) or something and if this would case some swelling of the nipple, but then again, my right nipple was already somewhat bigger than the left post my first surgery.

Anybody know what this emptyness could be? Of course it doesn't feel TOTALLY Empty but I'm wondering if it is possible for the skin around the area to "die" if he , or some other surgeon removed some more gland, or what is the problem here?

Thank you for any replies

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=16265.0