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I had my surgery on Jan 6, 2010 and I am still quite swollen in one side.  When I have my garment on for a while it seems to get better but then as soon as I take it off it gets swollen and noticeable again.  How long will swelling typically last?  How long do I need to be wearing this garment?  Will not wearing it effect the healing process? (as in some way other than lengthening it?)

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Re: Swelling?
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I had my op around the same time as you and I still have some swelling, from what I've been told it can vary from person to person on how long it will take to heal it can take 6 months to a year for it to be back to normal and the swelling can change day to day in my experience so far, my left side feels more swollen today than it did yesterday I guess due to how I've lay in bed and fluid build up.

I had excition for mild gynecomastia and was not given or told to wear a compression garment. I would just do exactly what your surgion has told you and try not to worry to much. ( easier said than done I know).

The way I see it if the worst comes to the worst and I'm sure it won't, you go back to your surgion and get him/her to put it right.

I hope this helps and I know how frustrating it is you just want that flat chest you've payed for and you've now got to wait before you get it. Give it time and hopefully for all of us post op guys this will be all but a distant memory, one I will put right to the back of my mind.

Re: Swelling?
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Oh got you, i am nervous now because I still have two lumps under both nipples one is very small so I assume it is soley scar tissue but the other one is quite large almost the size of the breast tissue I had before the only difference is my aereola is not cone like.

Re: Swelling?
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It's most likely scar tissue mate, im also sure i read that fluid built up around the area can feel hard like scar tissue so it could be that on your left side as well as scar tissue. My left side is more swollen and feels weird if i use the muscle.

If your really worried i would phone up your surgeon and talk to him about what's bothering you if anything it will put your mind at ease. I think nearly everyone finds the healing process tough, I know I do but you need to trust your surgeon to a certain degree and just give it time to heal up and go from there. Im 7 weeks post op and not 100% happy with my results yet (mainly due to swelling) so only time will tell I guess.

Im new to this and not an expert so I can only tell you what ive read on this website from other people who have had surgery.

Hope this helps.

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