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Hi im 28 and in Australia. I have just had surgery to reduce my puffy nipples. 2 days after when I had the initial dressings removed by the surgeon it looked great now after about 4 days my nipples are swollen and puffy again I am hoping this is just sweling after the op.

Is this normal and how long will this take to come down.

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Re: Swelling
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it is pretty normal, and how long depends on the case, it might be weeks or several months.  i assume you can ask followup questions of your doc - since he knows the particulars of your case he should be able to estimate it better than anyone, but it's probably not a precise thing.  i assume he's not having you wear a compression garment or drains.  you can ask him to check for fluid and keep an eye on scarring, but that area's been through a difficult process and this is part of healing. 
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Re: Swelling
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Yeah, it's very normal.. I'm 24 days post op and I it seems as though it just worse before it gets better because 2nd week post op it seems as my puffy nipple came back but it was due to swelling and scar tissue forming.  Now the puffiness is mostly gone and the hardness under the nipple area is softening. Hang in there, it'll get better =)
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Re: Swelling
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At one to two days after surgery, you may have a preview of what you will look like down the line.  It is normal for there to be swelling and this takes weeks to months to resolve -- and it is extremely individual.  I am a strong proponent of very snug compression garments during the early phases (first 1-2 months) of healing -- I think this helps to keep the swelling down and promotes faster healing.

Eventually, if there is continued swelling, you may wish to ask your surgeon about commencing some massage.  He knows your case and is best equipped to make these recommendations.

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Re: Swelling
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Thanks for your comments. I will hold on and wait going on just over a week today.. Still seem puffy and I have  scar tissue thats firm under my nipple so I hope in a week-month  or so it all goes away


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