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Swelling still after three months?

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Swelling still after three months?
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:37:40 PM »
Hi everyone.

I had surgery three months ago and the results were awesome. I have been wearing the vest a lot, I stopped wearing it a week ago around the three month mark. Yeah, a long time, I just wanted to make sure that everything stayed in place lol. It also helps when I wear it at work because sometimes flexing feels weird still. 

Anyway,  when I take the vest off my chest is flat, but over the span of a couple of hours I notice my chest area get somewhat larger and swollen looking. I feel around lightly and I definitely don't feel any of the glands, so I know it's not that. I know I haven't gained weight, in fact I have lost almost ten pounds since my surgery three months ago (from 213 down to 203, I'm 6'2)

Is it normal to still swell like this three months after surgery? Should I leave the vest off for good and let it swell up then go back down on its own? keep wearing the vest? Im conflicted.. thanks!

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Re: Swelling still after three months?
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2017, 01:43:22 PM »
My doctor advised me to take the vest off after 6 weeks. Still I kept wearing it for one more week. After the 7th week, I followed the schedule of wearing it during the night and removing it during the day (This is just something that I did although my doctor was sure that I didn't need to wear the vest anymore). Then, after a few days, I myself felt like I didn't need to wear it anymore.
I remember weird feeling of being swollen etc. after removing the vest. This might just be in your head. So, my suggestion is to go to your doctor and let him take a look. If he says it's fine, then it's ok. Start doing exercises like push ups and running if your doctor has advised you to start doing so. I remember that the first day I could hardly do 2 push ups, whereas I normally can go upto 30 without any problem.
The weird feeling of chest without the garment will most probably go away in time.

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