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surgery over 6 months ago

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surgery over 6 months ago
« on: May 25, 2009, 06:03:57 PM »
Hey guys im 15 and had surgery over 6months ago (puffy nipples). Even though i am more confident with taking my shirt off now the results still arn't perfect they still stick out a bit and im wondering if it still could be scar tissue but it wasnt a severe case of gyne so i dont know, any help would be much appreciated thank you.

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Re: surgery over 6 months ago
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2009, 11:06:20 PM »
unitedkingdom1, don't worry too much.  This is a common occurrence when the gynecomastia is mild.  A lot of surgeons, especially ones who don't specialize in or frequently do gynecomastia reductions will obey the "Less is safer" rule when dealing with puffy nipples.  Sometimes this leaves the person with some residual tissue that may cause a slight protrusion, other times it doesn't.  The surgeon doesn't want cratering, so at the expense of leaving some tissue he's saving you from having craters and looking worse.

If the amount of tissue left bothers you enough, take it up with your surgeon.  If he advises you against surgery again, or only suggests liposuction, it's usually best to listen and heed the advice.  You could take it up with another surgeon, but this could be a risky game to play.

My advice is, try to give it some time and see if anything changes.  If nothing does change significantly, try to see if people notice anything very much. If you get teased about it, I'd say that's room enough to want a revision or etc.  But I doubt that will happen.

I think you'll be better off giving your mind some time off of your body for a little bit. 

P.S. - Fifteen is a very young age to have surgery at.  Realize (not trying to scare you) that since tissue is left after surgery, that tissue could be stimulated into regrowth again at any point during puberty.  Just keep that in mind.
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