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Still no good

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Still no good
« on: May 19, 2011, 12:20:17 AM »
I began my long and annoying journey of gynecomastia suregeries a little over a year ago.  My friend recommended this doctor and assured me he was good so I went and met him.  He seemed smart enough and his before and after pics seemed fine so I decided to go with him.  Two weeks after the surgery, after the swelling went down, my nipples looks just as bad as before.  I immediately went back and he assured me it is just "loose skin" that formed from the gland being in there and to be patient.  After a year with no improvement and many emails from myself that I know there is still alot of gland in there, he offered to attempt to redo the surgery.  Although I would have much rather go to another dr., I could not afford another cost, so I accepted.  So I go in for the redo and no surprise to me, he took out a huge amount of gland, again.  He admitted I was right and was surprised at the remaining gland he did not remove the 1st time.    My only concerns for the redo were dents but I had much rather just got this damn gland out.

Its been 1 month now and just my luck, it still looks bad.  One side is COMPLETELY flat and the other is puffy and pointy.  It is not fluid because he put drains in and tried to draw the fluid out with a needle last week, but nothing came out.  So now his new explanation is scar tissue on the one side and that it will go down in time.

My questions:

Could scar tissue form so much only on 1 side and none on the other?

Is there any way to determine if it is gland or scar tissue?

He recommended ultrasound massage which I am doing, anyone have success with this?

 Thanks in advance for any advice, I am extremely worried he still left gland in.

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Re: Still no good
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2011, 02:36:40 PM »
Have you seen an endocrinologist? Perhaps your hormones are out of whack and you had a recurrence from too much estrogen or something.

If you haven't I'd consider at least consulting with one and seeing their take on it.

Another thing is most doctors on here say swelling can last up to 6 months and that is when you should really judge your results.
If 2 weeks went by and you weren't happy and your doctor said it's loose skin, perhaps he was wrong and it was fluid build up and it formed scar tissue.

I don't really know, I'm still learning a lot, but I would most definitely consult with an endo and probably another plastic surgeon.

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