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So, I did it. But like everyone else, I have questions and concerns.

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Before I go into this, please take time to read my short story, this has nothing to do with "I got bullied" blah blah, it's more of a build up to my case.

About 2 years ago, I was 155kg (Approx 310 lbs.) in weight, And I went up to my mother and told her i had moobs and wanted to remove it ASAP. As always, she said no. I asked her why and of course, she replied for me to lose weight.

The thing is I have lost LOADS of weight. i went from 155kg to 91 in 6 months. A nutritionist literally said I was under-weight. So I gained just a tad more and now, although I could lose a few more pounds (In the process, THANK YOU HIGH METABOLISM!) I honestly feel I'm in the normal weight zone.

So I asked my mother again and she still said no, over time, after begging, shouting, nagging, blah blah blah, I finally got a hold of a surgeon. HOWEVER, this wasn't any ordinary surgeon. This surgeon was actually a VERY good family friend of ours.

Because the medical care in our country is very impressive, I paid a total of 400 USD for the surgery, day care, and I even managed to get a juice box out of it too ;D

I left on the same day.


I have no, idea, what, he did. Obviously I know he did something, my chest burns but it's pretty tolerable pain. I know he had lypo but I really really want to know if he removed some gland as well. He said depending on the day. This is my dilemma:

There is no way I got screwed over for any "Revision Costs." The doctors here are paid well, he knows my uncle EXTREMLY well, he even took out a camera a second before I went under and took a picture to compare results in the future. I'm not saying I won't ever have a revision surgery (Hopefully not) but what I'm saying is there is no way he would leave some gland there so I can come back.

From what I know though, after researching online, I know for a fact a long tube is slipped somewhere around the rib cage, right through the gland. I saw this scar and its drooping out red/yellow stuff on the bandage. My chest feels a lot more softer, the bandage he gave me made it feel as if they were completely gone, I'm not ashamed of telling my friends I had surgery, they noticed how much it went down the first day they saw me (It was a pretty bad case) and congratulated me.

The good news: I will see him tomorrow, and I will ask him what he did exactly.
The bad news; I NEED to know if he pulled out some gland or not, is there anyway I could see this?

Thanks for your time :)

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=18552.0

Re: So, I did it. But like everyone else, I have questions and concerns.
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I saw the doctor today, I removed my bandage, and I have to say I look great. However, I'm still concerned he didn't remove any gland tissue. He said it wasn't needed for my girth (I have wide shoulders and I'm 6'2). Also my nipples don't seem to be puffy at all. Rest assured he even claimed that if i'm not flat chested within 3 months the revision surgery would be absolutely free on his cost.

He said I need to massage it thoroughly though. Can anyone give me tips on how to do this?

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