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« on: February 04, 2008, 08:23:04 PM »
Is it normal making 4 entry points under my chest when lipoing? Because my doctor made an entry on both the left and right side of both of my breasts, and I now have 4 kinda visible scars and I dont like the look of it. Im about 5 months post-op and im very unhappy with my result.

My case of gynecomastia was kind of mild before I even operated it, so none of my friends etc knew about it since I never went to the beach. Now i still cant go to the beach because my nipples still look puffy and I also have 4 new scars under my chest so I think that will kinda give me away.

Its quite ironic, a thing that was supposed to make my life better actually made it worse.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=12907.0

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yeah i have 4 scars too one either side of chest on ribcage for lipo incisions and 2 areolar incisions. as for friends noticing they havent despite them still being a little red and the lipo ones stand out quite allot but its not the kind of thing u would ask i spoze. would you ask someone if they had  a small red scar/injury? there are any number of ways you could get an injury like that.

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Mention something so I can get my cover story right :) As for the two lumps that are still in my chest they will most likely notice it. Since most of them are familiar with what gynecomastia is.

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for me i was going to claim the marks were from my harness at work and claiming i fell so the metal clips dug in. i was relived but in a small way disappointed no-body noticed anything but as they say "you wouldn't worry about what others thought of you if you knew how seldom they did" if they are aware of what gynecomastia is then it shouldn't be an issue for you.


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