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Scar Tissue-Post Gyne Surgery

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Scar Tissue-Post Gyne Surgery
« on: March 04, 2009, 11:06:00 AM »

Could someone explain the "concept" of scar tissue after post surgery. How do u know if u have it? And what are the signs or indications to look for? How long under normal circumstances can it last? I believe scar tissue can appear to be leftover "fat", when in reality it is not....and just takes time to fade away;so to speak. Also believe that is why u will have soreness and tenderness feelings around the chest area, somewhat due to scar tissue and the healing process. My doctor indicated this, but just looking for additional feedback from other people that might be experiencing this from post surgery. I'm around 4 weeks post op and the procedure done was just liposuction. Glad I did it, life changing procedure....and loving it.
appreciate any discussion on this post. thank-u.

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Re: Scar Tissue-Post Gyne Surgery
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You know how a cut to the skin will scab over.... well 'scar tissue' is very similar. It's just on the inside. It has a hard-as-rock feel to it and resolves itself within a few weeks.

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