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Scar tissue healing and sensitivity

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Scar tissue healing and sensitivity
« on: June 01, 2010, 05:40:44 PM »
Ok so a quick back story I have have gyno surgery (3+ years ago), revision (2 years ago), 1 kenalog shot (6ish months ago) and nipple reduction surgery (4 weeks ago)...its been a long ordeal. Anyways no my chest is fairly good not great, little puffly though have have gained a bit of weight which I'm working on taking off about 10-15 pounds and my nipples are pretty sensitive to temperature and movement. When I feel around I can feel a few tiny pieces of scar tissue still under and around the nipple, and I always feel like messaging them. (my doctor once said that if you body tells you to do something its for a reason like healing or whatever so I message them usually morning for several minutes and press hard). Anyways my chest looks pretty good when I lay on my back or I'm sitting...bascially when its relaxed but shirt off, moving, cold temp...all make that I think is the scar tissue push the nipples out and they are pretty point so I can't wear t-shirts often usually undershirt and a t-shirt. I booked to go in again and I'm gunna ask for a little kenalog on both side, but I'm wondering will the sensitivity every go away/down...its usually worst in the morning because my chest has been relaxed for so long and I have to message it through out the day. After this much time I don't know if its still possible to message and flatten out scar tissue. Also I have a feeling if I lose some weight it may help with the puffyness cause I hear fat can fill up where the gland was removed...I only weight about 190 but should be at about 180-175 for a good weight cause I'm 5'9. Anyone has some insight/similar experiences with sensitive scar tissue after this long, getting ride of it, weight adding problems, messaging after long periods of time etc etc.     

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Re: Scar tissue healing and sensitivity
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2010, 05:48:56 PM »
I should also add that normally I am pretty active but I drink a lot, and a feel like this could prolong the healing of this scar tissue which is maybe why it still needs a message but I dunno cause it has been around 2 years since my revision and the kenalog was only given to one side. I drink about 3 times a week as in going out and getting drunk with friend which I am trying to slow down on but I thought this may be important to note.

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