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Post-surgery major update (help and information)

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Post-surgery major update (help and information)
« on: September 13, 2006, 07:10:56 PM »
Hello all. I had gland excision (250Gms from each side) on September the 5th. My right side came out perfect, you could never tell I had gyne -  a flat chest!. This is a long post, but please bear with me - something major happened tonite.

However, I had major complications on my left side as it had a hematoma and swelled up huge. I even had to go to my ER the night of my surgery to have my left side drained. Basically my doctors told me to wait it out and keep compression, and eventually my body would absorb the fluid in the left side. My doctors said that it was quite bad, and 6 weeks from the gym would be adviseable.

So here I was, depressed that I am hindered with half a chest. There is a drain hole that bled a little bit every day (apparently a good thing, as it was old blood, this would help my body get rid of the materials). However I visited my PS the other day and he told me to massage a little bit every day in the shower to help expel blood. I am to visit him next wednesday for an update, and to have my stiches removed. However, most of the blood had solidified in my chest and wasnt supposed to go anywhere.

(this gets a little gross now)
Tonite I was showering, and putting pressure on my swollen left chest and a little blood barely trickled out. I kept pushing, and some hard, dark dark red gelatin like material came out (dried blood). It was almost like popping a zit that wouldnt stop. I kept on applying even pressure to my left chest, and this dark jello-like material kept spraying out ( I would estimate 250-500 ML). Right now my left chest feels great! No pressure, very little discomfort (I hadnt ever really felt any pain through any of my ordeal in the last 8 days).

But the best part is that my chest is nearly flat on the left side! I feel like I have accelerated the healing process by months by doing this! Expelling all of this hematoma'ed blood is just what I needed. (I hope I hope). I could have kept going a little bit more, and eeked some more out, but I thought it prolly wasnt good to get every last drop as this is most likely quite the shock to my body. I feel really awesome now, and a lot more optomistic about the whole procedure. My chest is still heavily bruised, but the shape is quite normal now.

I do have one concern however. While my right side looks really awesome, there is an indentation in my left pectoral above the aerola (after expelling all of the material). Should I be worried about this? What is happening to my body? Was it a good idea to do what I did?

Hopefully you guys can answer my questions, and hopefully this post cant help others in my situation.

Thanks so much

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Re: Post-surgery major update (help and informatio
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2006, 03:02:44 AM »
Im no doctor... but that is the same stuff that comes out of me when I had my drains on.  It comes out normal.  They told me that it is good that all the red comes out.  Once you start seeing an apple juice color and less drainage, you are not swelling anymore.  Honestly, it seems like you did the right thing.  I would still call the doc to see what is going on.  He needs to give you better advice.  He should of given you drains. :)  If they took a lot out of you, you will drain more.

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