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Post Op worrys.....

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Post Op worrys.....
« on: October 16, 2007, 04:35:37 PM »
I posted a few weeks ago explaing that surgery was due to happen on 13 October....
Now the procedure has been done i just have a few post-op questions.....
1. I realise that 3 days is a very short period of time to be making conclusions ; initally i was very pleased with the results (bearing in mind i did have a very moderate case, mainly fat [Pseudo?] and no puffy nips) i am slightly concerned as some parts of the chest feel numb, i can barely feel any sensation - is this normal?
2. My PS did not advise me i needed to massage - should i be doing this? Will this help the healing process/final result?
3. Im not sure if this is a silly question - but ill ask anyway. When i start to exercise again will i still be able to loose fat from my chest area or is their a possibility that the procedure has traumatised the area too much?
4. I can see that the chest has reduced in size, just not as much as i expected (nor remmeber when i first looked) - is this due to swelling, if so how long does it usually take for the swelling to stop? I understand it can take up to 6 months for the body to heal compleltly, but just in respect to swelling - how long does it usually take?

I havent managed to do any post-op pics yet, but i will in the next couple of days -

Thanks in advance....

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Re: Post Op worrys.....
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Re: Post Op worrys.....
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I think the numbness is normal.  I'm in week 7 post-op.  Althought alot of feeling has returned, i still have numbness around nipples and around the sides- under my arms.  I'm swollen there as well.  I had lipo only; but they say it could take months for swelling and up to a year for numbness to go away totally.  I can't believe your doctor didn't mention this.


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Re: Post Op worrys.....
« Reply #3 on: October 25, 2007, 02:04:47 PM »
1) Numbness is very common, post Op. I m in my 4th month post Op and still have numbness around the area under arms and my nipple are sensitive, i can feel the mail in the nipple.
I have to ask about the pain in nipple.

2) you can use a cream like Secalia to message around the areola, that is where the the Doc would have made a cut. I will help in healing.
3)So dont worry, dont draw any conclusions, as for hitting gym, wait for at least One month before you go for it.
4) i still have some swelling on my left side, but its not very prominent.

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