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Post Op-Severe Bruising and Swelling

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Post Op-Severe Bruising and Swelling
« on: August 16, 2009, 01:25:37 PM »
Right now I am 10 days post op.  Even my surgeon said that I have the worst bruising he has ever seen.  My whole chest is black and blue, with major bruising down to my right hip bone.  Both sides are very swollen.  They kind of look life D cups... :-\.  In my initial consultation the Dr. said that he would not do lipo, just excision on the gyno mass itself.  However, during the surgery he also did the lipo.  The procedure was done under local anesthesia.  I have been wearing a compression vest since.  On my 5 day check up the Dr. attempted to drain some of the fluid.  On the left side he was able to get some out, maybe about 20 cc's.  However, on the right side he was not able to drain anything.  He said the consistancy of the fluid was too thick to drain through the syringe.  I have another appointment in 2 days.

I am just so disappointed.  He said that it will all go away with time, but I am worried of the fluid not going away, long term effects.  I don't understand why my bruising and swelling is so severe.  I haven't taken anything to thin the blood, such as alcohol, aspirin, etc.

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Re: Post Op-Severe Bruising and Swelling
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2009, 02:35:38 PM »
12 days post op now and just got back from my PS.  He drained 180 cc's of blood/fluid from each side.  The fluid on the right side was so thick he had to use a 16 ga needle.  My chest is very bruised up and looks horrible.  Basically he said he has never had anyone bruise or swell up like I did.  He asked if I had been taking blood thinners or aspirin/ibuprofen.  Which I have not.  Just don't understand it, very depressed.  Reading on this board I mainly see positive experiences, not mine.

Re: Post Op-Severe Bruising and Swelling
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There are many causes for bleeding after surgery (which is what may have occurred).  Rarely, there may be a previously unknown bleeding disorder which might manifest itself during/after surgery.

Proper treatment is to drain/aspirate any liquid blood, as your surgeon has been doing.  Long term, the bruising and swelling will disappear.  Sometimes there can be scar tissue as a result of the bleeding.

All is not lost -- but simply delayed.  Keep your spirits up!

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Re: Post Op-Severe Bruising and Swelling
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Dr. Jacobs,
Thank you for the ray of hope.  I'm trying to think positive and long term.