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Peru $800, progressive photos.

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Peru $800, progressive photos.
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Here it goes.

Arrived on a monday and did some blood work. The following day the surgery was performed under local anesthesia. No pain during the surgery which I was awake and observed, I still did not have any pain after it. I was able and still able to walk and move my arms. Liposuction was done and I think it created the most trauma on my left side. 95% of the glands were removed by excision which I saw a flatter chest after the surgery. The areolas reduced in size after the surgery, after the swelling comes down they will be me even smaller, according to the surgeon. The stitches were done internal and external, which the external were done in a way to reduced its appearance after they heal.

Experienced some internal bleeding after trying to put my compression vest by myself on which was very tight; word of wisdom, do not use any force after the surgery. Anyways, went back to the surgeon two hours later and he removed all of the internal blood and left a drain for a day. Now most wait at least 15 days for the bruising and swelling to go away. For the most part, I did not and still do no feel any pain. And of utmost important, I do not see, feel any glands. No more antenna nipples and boops. I feel happy and great.

To those of you that are students on a limited budget like myself, I strongly recommend you doing it abroad; especially if you speak spanish. Everything was cheap in Peru. You could eat a nice meal for about $2 USD. Hotel was about $20 USD a day and it includes breakfast. Taxi cab to the hotel from the airport was $2.50 USD. The surgery was $800 including anesthesia, post surgery medicine and all of the cost from the follow up visits. Doctor even called at my hotel room daily while I was there. Hotel was accross the street from his office and surgery clinic. Airplane ride roundtrip was $630 and $50 in airport fees in total. Everything was under $1500.

Left Side before & 2 days after surgery, major swelling on this side. Third Photo is 7 days after the surgery and with the stitches removed. Fourth photo is 11 days after the surgery, still swelling on this side but decreasing daily. It could take up to a month.

Right Side before & 2 days after surgery, minor swelling on this side. Third Photo is 7 days after the surgery and with the stitches removed. Fourth photo is 11 days after the surgery

Frontal photo pre and 2 days post-op. Third Photo is 7 days after the surgery and with the stitches removed. Fourth photo is 11 days after the surgery

The removed glands were huge.

Still have swelling on my left side but it has come down a lot. It ussually takes up to a month or two. However, my areolas reduced in size right after the surgery and see how small they got just on the 7th day. That is because finally all of my glands were removed. I have a big chest due to years of working out but I am very happy to be able to wear a shirt without puffy nipples and huge breasts. Even the previous scars were fixed and is hard to even see the one on my left side which had the worst pre-OP scars. :) Very happy with the results, can't wait for the summer. Cancun, here I go.

Surgery in Peru $ 800
Dr. Mario C. Portillo

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=11792.0

No more boobs, new progressive photos, Peru $ 800.

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