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Left over gland swelling and going hard after massage? - pls comment

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Hi guys,

Need to nut this out for my own sanity and i guess lots of others as well!

i'll dot point it:

- Hard lump under nipple that is making my post op look seem like i still have gyno (to a degree).
- When it is massaged the lump all but goes away (to about 20% of its pre massage size), then in an hr it is back and harder.
- it was not there before or after surgery (maybe scar tissue or the remaining gland is injured and swollen).
- I am 12 weeks post op.
- My right nipple was about 75% like the left though is now just about fully healed, though the left (troublesome) nipple has only healed marginally.

My question is am i just reinuring the injured remaining gland which is why it goes hard (blood flowing into it)? or is it some evil scar tissue.

Logically I would say it is the left over gland repairing itself and I am only doing it damage, though would like to hear from others that are and WERE :) in the position I currently am in now.

Thanks everyone.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=17863.0

99% scar tissue dude. 12 weeks post-op is not a long time. Just wait...

I'm in the same boat, man.. don't worry. It's not the gyne coming back or anything to fret over. It's just a very hard swelling and scar tissue that will diminish on its own. In the coming weeks, you'll notice the swelling go down and the area will soften and start to have more of a natural feel.

Thanks guys, I hope so, and I hope so :).

This things a killer, lol.

ive stopped all cardio for the last 3 weeks and seem some improvement and only massaged it twice (both time only made it harder the next day... yeh it goes tiny after you rub it then i think the blood must flow into it and make it big and hard again).

I wont touch it for a couple weeks (let say the 12th of June) and ill report back.

I wish people that have been in this boat (like some of us currently are in) could comment or a DR if you know what I mean.