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« on: June 24, 2006, 06:24:50 AM »
Okay, I thought I was feeling pretty good, so I took my son to the park.  I started to hear fluid sloshing around in my chest, so I new it was time to go home.  I got a little sweaty and started to itch, so I took a shower.  Now I am still itching like crazy.  Does anyone have an itch remedy for  3 days post op?

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I just hope pushing my son on the swing didn't do anything.  This itch is so bad I took a pain killer hoping to get high and forget about it.  I would rather have a burn or shap pain right now. I feel like I have poison ivy. I sure hope it only lasts a few hours.

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I will take your advice.  My wife went out of town for the day, so I tried to give my son a normal day.  He is SOL now, because I can't deal with any setbacks.

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note to everyone. keep your body temp under control after surgery.  If you get too hot, you will swell up which causes itching. If you get cold, you will shiver which causes pain and itching.  Now that I have the air conditioning set right and I am under a blanket, no more itching.  I don't want anyone to ever itch like I did this morning. I have never suffered like that in my life.  It was by far the worst part of the surgery. Since it seems to have been avoidable,  TAKE NOTES AND KEEP YOUR BODY TEMP UNDER CONTROL.

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