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Is there room for one more on the other side? 1 week post op! (Journal Pics)

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To start off, i feel like i am in debt to this forum. There are so many valuable information on this forum that help me deal with my gyno before and even now, and so i feel that the least i can do is inform others about my surgery experience, in hopes that they can do the same!

i had surgery last week 6/23/12, 2 days before my birthday, (Woohoo early birthday present) i feel blessed, even though the funds came out of my pocket.

To make things short i had
-lipo with incision
-local anesthesia, with oral sedation pill
Surgeon was Dr.Asare
Surgeons Location: Long Island Ny and NYC
Website Link:   advancedcosmeticsurgeryny.com

Excuse the poor phone quality, as i would have bought a digital camera but did not a have enough funds due to surgery :P


Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=25843.0


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Looks pretty great for one week! You certainly have some swelling, which should go away soon. I'm not sure about the lumpy stuff, might be scar tissue but it seems a little early. Then again, I had solid scar tissue at a day or two under two weeks, and there's always a faster healer out there! Best of luck to you.

Looks good!

Yes, the swelling on the sides is normal, I had it too. Soreness will get better as the weeks go by. I'm entering my 4th week today, and I only have soreness when I press down on the area around my pecs and on top of the area near my nipples.

To help with the swelling you can use crushed ice in a baggy, wrapped in a cloth and place that on the areas that are swollen, don't put it on the incision area, and that helps relieve the itchy, inflamed feeling around the chest and sides.

How did everything turn out for you? I am considering Dr. Asare.