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Is it normal for one side to look larger than the other only one week post-op?

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I had my gyn surgery done last Thursday.  I didn't have a real bad case and my doc only used lipo...went through small incisions under my armpits.  He said ahead of time that if he needed to go through my nipple and remove gland, then he would and would decide during the procedure.

I'm one-week post-op with a good amount of bruising and soreness still...my right side looks pretty good, very flat...but my left side is protruding a little more than the right.

If I run my finger flatly up the right side of my stomach and over my nipple, it's a nice smooth run.  If I do the same with my left side, it's not as smooth...there's a crease under my left breast and it feels like a bump as I run my finger over it.

I had a post-op visit with my doc and pointed it out and asked if I should be concerned and he said no way.  He said everything looks great and there's no way to even start getting worried about anything at this point because it's way too early.  I asked if it was swelling and he said yes.

I don't know.  Am I just being a worry-wart?  Is it really too early to be jumping to conclusions?  I look at a lot of the early post-op pics on here and things seem to look normal for everyone a week or so after the operation.

Don't get me wrong, when I put a t-shirt on, it feels and looks 100x better than before, but when my shirt is off, you can see/feel that crease and bump or lift up right under the one side.

I'd like to hear from some people who have had this done and have maybe experienced a little unevenness a week or two after surgery, but then saw everything even out later after things settled and the swelling went down.

That's my problem right now...I can't tell the difference between swelling and the doc not taking enough out.

Please comment!!!


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Im exactly in same position as you, im just under 3 months post op and my left side is still different from the right, although i does seem to be improving week by week. ive posted a few msgs up here saying im unhappy but most people have said that even 3 months is still very early, have been told it can take up 2 a year sometimes to see final results. im trying not to think about it and gona wait another month or so before i contact my surgeon.
also it always seems to be the left side that people that people are concerned with. strange!!

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