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Honest opinions needed

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Honest opinions needed
« on: December 14, 2009, 07:51:43 PM »
So guys I'm approx. 7 months post. I think things are better but I still feel I have some room to improve. Was wondering if I could get a little input from everybody so here are some pre and post-op pictures, you guys be the judge. I still have that "not muscle" feel to my chest and I'm hoping that I just need to get in shape, because I'm not overweight by any means, but could definitely use some muscle.. I think I still have a bit of scar tissue left on my left side...is this normal? I've heard scar tissue can last up to a year...



Thanks for taking the time guys..This is an extremely supportive site and I truly appreciate it

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=19635.0

Re: Honest opinions needed
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Re: Honest opinions needed
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looks really good to me! who done ur surgey? some before photos would be good.
what do u feel like u could improve on i then everything looks normal

Re: Honest opinions needed
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sorry didnt realize ur before wereo on there clicked on the image. great results no a big case but can see why it would bother u especially the by the side view. congrats are u in the uk?

Re: Honest opinions needed
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U seemed to have very mild gyne to begin with in your case. And post surgery, your chest looks very normal and curvy like a masculine chest should be. The curves are in the shapes of big pecs, not boobs; hence I feel you have nothing to worry about. Once you start working out, and build some muscles, it will only look better.

Please dont assume that a "flat" chest would have been better. A good-looking male-chest is NOT supposed to be flat. From the pictures that you have posted, it seems that you had a very good surgeon who knew exactly how much to take out to give you a natural chest. A bony/hard chest with maximum fat/gland removed looks very unnatural and horrible. It is only when you end up being butchered by an overzealous/incompetent surgeon that you realize that.

Right now your problem could be more to do with your mental preoccupation with how your chest looks than how your chest actually is.

Re: Honest opinions needed
« Reply #5 on: January 18, 2010, 11:20:10 PM »
thanks for the reply decimal, its nice to hear encouraging words. I think you may be right about the whole mental side of it. Right now, almost every time I go to the bathroom or walk by a mirror while Im in private, I lift my shirt up. Depending on my mood, it's not quite a smile I get from the reflection but more of a "I'll get there someday/will this ever fucking be out of my life" -look. I could definitely be in better shape and I plan on getting back into it. I'll come back in a month or so and post some new pics.

 Postiey- Im not in the UK, Central NY actually. PM if you have any questions.

Thanks for takin the time guys I really do appreciate it.


Re: Honest opinions needed
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Man, your Pre-op looks like my post-op. :| I wish I had gotten your results! I'm hoping gland excision revision will help me in a couple of months. Looks awesome dude.

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