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First of all, the two previous topics I started were apparently deleted or moved or something, if one of the mods could tell me why I would really appreciate that. If I have done anything against the regulations or said something disrespectful, please tell me what I have done wrong and I promise I will not do it anymore. I really value this site and the opinions of its members and I don't want to have my questions deleted. Thank you.

Secondly, I believe I may have a problem. I thought that hard lumps in the vicinity of the breast were a usual part of having boobs - apparently, they are not. My surgeon tells me they are fat nodules - frankly, I don't believe him. I have a large, quarter sized, hard, painful lump about an inch and a half above my nipple and three inches below my collarbone. I first noticed it about six months ago, and it has been growing in size ever since. I feel like this fits the description of a malignant tumor perfectly, but my surgeon brushes off my questions and tells me not to worry and my parents tell me that the doctor knows best. I am scared and I want to know what characteristics the surgeon could've felt that made him rule out breast cancer so definitively, and if indeed a fat nodule could fit this description. I also have an unsolved medical condition that caused about five lymph nodes in my neck to swell up randomly and stay swollen - is it possible that I have some sort of lymphatic disease that caused a node in my breast area to swell up? All answers are appreciated, but a doctor's input would be really helpful too. Thank you.

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You know your body better than anyone on Earth. Consult another doctor if you what the current one is saying to you isn't easing your concerns.