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Has anyone with scar tissue under the nipple post op have a success story?

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Anyone have surgery that had swelling and scar tissue post op have a success story and timeline like how long did it take for you to have a flat chest. I notice some guys have good stories but leave the site and not reach back for the brothas who are going through this.Please help us out,there are alot of complaints post op on this site and no one is reaching back to us.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=25430.0

Difficult to speak about this in generalities -- but I have had great success treating post op patients who may develop firmness and even elevation of the areolas due to scar tissue buildup.  I use Kenalog (a type of cortisone) and it works quite well. The specific dose and injection technique ill vary with the patient's needs.   Obviously, everyone is different, but I find that usually only 1-2 injections spaced 6-8 weeks apart will suffice to produce a smooth and flat chest.  I virtually never have to re-operate for scar tissue -- and in fact, if one does re-operate, there is the possibility of stimulating re-growth of the offending scar tissue.

I do not charge my post-op patients for kenalog injections -- I consider it part of my post op care, which is included in my surgical fee.

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It all goes away over time. rub them down.  I have had success. goodluck to you.  6 Months to yr b4 you are happy with it.  I'm sure the dr did a fine job

i have considerable firmness located directly under the nipple. Im only 1 month post op. When should i be concerned? I have another appt with my doc in 3 weeks? should I wait til then?

A certain amount of firmness is common under the nipples.  It can be on one or both sides.

At one month, one could do some gentle massage.  Better to wait to see your surgeon.  No need to be concerned -- this is a normal part of healing.

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I am 3 weeks and feels like i have a mini tootsie roll under my right nipple. the other one is probably half as noticeable but also puffy. Hope this goes away...

same thing here brother 1 month post.

It goes away... go look at my user photo.. had tissue under there still after surgery.. you are healing it is normal

Im at ten months and I can tell you without a doubt that my scar tissue is still SLOWLY going away. Looks better every week!


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Hey snugglebandit, where your nipps still puffy around the 5 month post op period? And if so did it feel like gland was there underneath? Because mine feels like gland is still under them and im 5 months post op so im worried.

Is the nip puffiness a result of the scar tissue or are they unrelated? I m one month and don't like the puffiness!