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few questions for docs regarding what exactly these terms mean

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had my surgery a week ago, will be starting to massage as per instructions hopefully tomorrow or day after tomorrow.. not sure howit will go.

But i have few questions on mind and am sure others might have them too.

What exactly does tissue removed means and what is the CC suked out  ? Is the sucked out part is fat ? fat cells ? or some other fluids ?

Example I had 2 gram tissue removed from one side and other 5 grab, is that significant amount of tissue (i am guessing its gland ?) removed ? and why is it uneven amount should it not be same on both sides ?

Is it normal after surgery to not have feeling (example when you touch the area) under the nipples ? Yet you see the same protruding shape as before surgery (is it what you call as swollen ?) how can one distinguish if the chest is just swollen or its tissue/fat that is causing it to look like almost similar to what it looked prior to surgery ?

For massaging what is the best position, sitting upright, or lying on bed and than massaging ?Which one is most effective and what does effective mean, how does massaging help after surgery ? Is it to remove the swolleness (not sure if thats a word ) and tighten the skin or is it to remove any tissue or scar under skin ?

How can one speed up the recovery process ? And how long should the vest be worn for and for what sort of activities require to have vest on, example sitting for long hours = prefer to have vest on. Standing or walking = prefer to have vest on etc.. etc..

How long it usually takes for feeling to come back in the entire chest ? From user experience i suppose one can generalize that.


Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=22642.0

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