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I am 21 years old, and have had gynecomastia since I was about 8 years old. I just had surgury 7 hours ago. The procedure was supposed to be bilateral liposuction and subcutaneous mastectomy. When I asked the doc how it went right after i woke up, he said they didnt need to do the mastectomy because i didnt really need it they and said he did alot of liposuction, and i asked if the breast tissue was still there and he said most of it was removed with the liposuction.

I am very surprised they did so much lipo, since i am in very good shape (workout 4 times a week) have very little fat on my body and im nowhere near overweight (on a good day i have visible 2 pack abs). And I dont understand why they didnt do the mastectomy, since it is very obvious i had breast tissue (even the doc said it)

So im just wondering about what the doc said, about the breast tissue being removed through lipo? Is this even possible? Based on my research, i thought that's what the mastectomy part was for. Im feeling pretty dissapointed now, and the doc said I cannot take off my vest or shower until i see him next, which is in 8 days (so I cant really see my results atm). sorry for any typos im still a little high from the medicine lol. Thank you in advance.

by the way, i am not feeling any pain or soreness, im guessing its because they didnt make an incision like they were supposed to?

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Sounds like the same situation as me.. I had mine done just over 2 months ago.

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So u satisfied with the results? I still havent seen mine, cant take off vest or shower for another 4 days

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At this point, im not satisfied with my results> (although i can notice a considerable difference the lypo made) But I can still feel too much tissue underneath the nipples. Im really confused too, and not sure if i should go back to the same surgeon. When i talked to him i made it pretty clear about my expectations, and he seemed very confident. Nobody wants to go back for more surgery.
I hope recovery goes well for you and you acheive your desired results. Keep us posted

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Oh sorry to hear that, just confirmed with my doctor and he said he only did lipo, but I just saw my chest after 8 days and I could not be happier, the doc said its still swollen and a little fluid in there but my body will absorb it naturally. Seriously it looks so flat and nice contour i dont even know how its swollen lol, cant wait for the final results.

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Congratulations. I always hate to hear people being disappointed after surgery. For anyone who has finally had the surgery, it's obviously not a decision that happens overnight (in my case it took me ~30 years) so good to hear that you are happy with your results.

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