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Compression Vest and Scar Question- and experience (local)

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Hey everyone. Will say my experience then i have 2 questions for the docs or any of you who know :)

Had pubertal gyno since 15. Nothing major but i work out lots and have always wore 2 shirts etc, always puffy nipples making a > shape and showed through everything. Had my surgery under local 7 days ago. Just gland excision and fatty flap repair. My doctor was amazing! We got along great and after the surgery he came to my bed and said dont worry about the bill and no funny business with the nurses :):):) Funny business= ripped stitches haha. Just a great guy all around and an amazing surgeon.  Get the right doctor for you! If you live in the states and you are paying the big $ definitely get the right doctor! For those of you asking about local, i think some people would have a problem with it. I didn't take anything just the local. You have to say if you feel pain. Sometimes when i felt stinging i let it go and it gets worse and worse and worse and you can feel the cuts etc and then just ask for some more. I think for some it can be overwhelming and for others not a problem at all. You feel all the pressure sensations but not the pain.

Had drains for 1 day, but i didn't bleed into them, just some anesthetic (clear) came out initially, but a very small amount. Next day the most painful part is taking the DRAINS OUT! Not too bad but uncomfortable.

Now i wore a stage 1 tight compression vest for a week straight. Took off the micropore two days ago. Before my questions i will say i wish i did this surgery 5 years ago!

Q1: I am supposed to wear the vest for 7 days. I read in places about 4-6 weeks. For BEST results should i wear my stage one and extra week?

Q2: My right nipple is perfect. Can't even make out a scar except a little line! My left had twice as much glad. I had it so long the gland actually separated in two and fat grew through the middle. I am a very lean person but the surgeon had a hell of a time unwinding the left side from the fat. Anyway i have dissolving stitches and where it is sewed under my left areola the swelling/scar goes halfway the circumference of my areola raised half as high as my nipple.
I know you have to give it six months. But what are the general likelihood of a scar like this going down to normal? and what can i do to help it?

If there is nothing i can do i can live with it without a problem. Today was the first time since i was 15 i went to the mall to get groceries and wore tight  shirt i bought but never got to wear. And i wore the hell out of that thing  ;)

Thanks to all the docs doing this kind of work and all responders.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=20755.0

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