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Another "is it Scar Tissue of more gyno"

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Re: Another "is it Scar Tissue of more gyno"
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Thanks Copespo for the info.

Re: Another "is it Scar Tissue of more gyno"
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Hey copespo, I know it's a worrying situation, 3 months is still quite early from what i see on here. I think you have to understand though that things sometimes do go wrong or not so much wrong but may need revision. I'd try to keep a calm approach to things and not get too wound up. More likely to get further that way. Hope things work out for you, try to keep calm

Yes I know its still early to judge and I should wait up to 6months to a year, but I seen people post pictures here who are 2 days post op and it looks excellent. I would really really hate it if I had to go for a revision for several reasons, one being that this surgery was a total secret to begin with no one in my family knows, and it placed a great amount of stress on me for a month or so of me hiding from my parents, and suffering through pain and all that stuff. Just thinking of going through it all again makes me upset, but I have a open mind and I hope for the best so I hope things shape out to be good. I am not saying the problem is 100% same, there is a 85% difference in the chest itself (right side)...the left is 99% different (in a good way)....

No one except us here would think I have gyno but still there is something below my nipple and to the side that causes it to stick out more then my left pec, I just hope its scar tissue that can be dissolved with injections or will go away over time.
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Re: Another "is it Scar Tissue of more gyno"
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Yep i understand that totally copespo, I was someone that a couple of days after op things looked amazing but as time has went on i have to say my situation seems exactly like yours. I just thought it was scar tissue, where the surgeon has cut round the areola it's very raised and tends to make the whole nipple stick out really far. I thought that this would fade away fingers crossed. Sometime when i massage it, afterwards it's smoothed things out a little but doesn't last long, soon comes back. I know how worrying it can be. The thoughts of things not being right is never far from my mind, it kinda consumes your thoughts. Keep your chin up mate and let us know how things go for you ok!

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