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After surgery

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After surgery
« on: April 14, 2007, 03:47:48 PM »
I had a surgery 9 days ago on both sides of my breasts.
I just saw the scar yesterday and it scared the shit out of me!! I notices 2 lines/scares on 1  breast!! How could this happen? did the surgeon make a mistake with the first line and make a seccond one? my other breast has a nice scar and i think that will go away in a few weeks but the breast with the 2 lines looks really bad. The scars/lines are deep and i think i will have 2 huge scars forever.

Can somebody tell me , why i have 2 scars/lines? and if the scars will leave in a few weeks/months even now they are so deep?  I have an appointment next week , so i can ask the assistent of the surgeon why this happened.


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Re: After surgery
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Re: After surgery
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another guy on here, braveboy, had a scar line/crevice i believe (havent seen pics of it though), and he ended up having to get a revision, and maybe a third...if its what you have, its scar tissue adhering to the skin...i would say start massaging NOW if youre not already.  break the scar tissue up and away from it pulling in your skin.  im no doctor, and others may say differently.

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