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After Hematoma/Seroma there's a flat area

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After Hematoma/Seroma there's a flat area
« on: July 04, 2014, 12:34:39 PM »
I had a revision surgery, just excision done about 23 days ago, and got a hematoma or seroma on the left side. First time it was drained was about 12 days after the operation, then it collected fluid again and got drained 3 days later, and now im going on monday hopefully to the last drainage as it has still slowly in about a week of time collected fluid again and some parts of the original area of the fluid pocket seems to be "attached" and "closed" and not getting filled anymore. But the probem is that the original area of the hematoma or seroma seems to be a bit flat, no cratering, just a little darker skin colour with a bit of a flatness at approximately 2,5 x 2,5 inches area. Right side looks just about perfect, has that natural muscle roundness from the front and side that i've already had years from training, just without the puffy nipple. Have you seen this before, and got any thoughts of what i should expect to happen with the flatter spot on my pec?

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Re: After Hematoma/Seroma there's a flat area
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There is always a delay in healing if there has been a hematoma and subsequent draining.  Would urge you to relax and let Mother Nature heal -- it should be significantly better in a few months.

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