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9 Months post surgery - depression under nipple and nipple has no tip

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This is my first time posting.. I wish I hadn't any reasons to be here.
I had my surgery 9 months ago, only for my right breast. The left one always looked good, needed no surgery.
It was a gland removal, no fat (i'm only 7% body fat).

It was almost a success, I'm not too happy with the result:
the right nipple forms a slight depression underneath, only when I flex the pecs. When not flexed, there's still a difference - right chest and nipple slightly flatter, and no nipple tip, like the left one has. This is seeable through my shirt... the right breast slightly flatter than the right and no nipple tip.
About the depression doc said it will always be like this, because the gland was removed. Wish I knew this before, maybe I wouldn't have done it.

My queston is, is there anyway to correct this? Has anyone experienced this?

Many Thanks,

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=29400.0

After some more browsing, I understand this is commonly referred as a 'crater'. As a method of correction i've read about attaching fat tissue with its own blood supply.

I've visited my doc again. This time he told me that the crater is related to the fact that the scars underneath are not completely healed. He said it may take up to 1.5 years for them to heal, and and the crater will fill up by itself by then.
About correcting it with flaps, said it implies making a hole somewhere else, where they are extracted from.

I'm pretty reluctant in believing this theory. And he's contradicting himself with what he said the last time, that the depression is gonna be there forever, since the gland was removed.

Can a doc or someone thatexperienced it before offer an opinion? Does the crater fill up by itself while the scars underneath heal?

Have a great day!