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8 Days Post OP...Forced to take Compression Vest off! - Any advice experience??

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Members / Doctors i desperately need advice from anyone who believe they have experience in this matter.

5 to 6 days post op,
I start developing slight itchyness around shoulders (where the vest strap is for my binder)

7 days post op.
Itchyness starts becoming very un comfortable, uppy body becoming red and a Rash is developing.
The main area's of the rash developing are where the force from the compmression garment are at its greatest (on the shoulders underneath the strap, underneath my armpits, and like a band around my lower chest just above my belly button)

8 days post op:
After seeing my PS & 2 general practitioners i have not only been applying 0.1% cream to the area but also taking oral medication for rash's. still not helping area is become very itchy, waking up in the middle of the night...FORCED to take off.
Rash became so bad my face was becoming red and rash was spreading to area's where the compression vest was not even in contact with.

9 post op, with vest off
Approximately 36-48 hours with my vest off, my body can breathe, the rash is slowly going away (still slightly itchy when t shirt rubs up against certain parts.

I put the vest back on for 6 hours, the itchyness slowly came back, and body slowly became red again (very similar to early stages of rash starting up again)

Has anyone had any experience with this? my PS hasn't and the local doctors are shocked!

Only possibly explanation:
- i may have had an allergic reaction to CELEBREX (my post op anti inflamatory drug) and the compression on my body has just made it worse?
- i am not allergic to the material as i have worn UnderArmour before with no issues!

Wearing cotton t shirt underneath vest, didn't work
wearing UnderARmour type top...didn't work

Only solution seems to be when walking around my home compeltely topless. Any friction with my skin makes me itch.

The compression garment i am wearing is very similar to a 'stage 1' binder, with the two velcro straps up top & zip up the middle ending just above my belly button.

Any idea's what i can do? My swelling isn't too bad but there is still soem of it and i still have not received full scale of motion back in my arm movement... how is this going to affect my recovery?
Any other options ??

any help at all will be grealy appreciated guys!

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=23502.0

Also please note:

- Stopped taking Pain Killers 1 day post op and am on no other medication
- have had not history of rash's before having this surgery


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Sorry to hear that you're having such a bad reaction. Do you think maybe changing the brand of the vest might help? My husband is 9th day post op and uses a vest made by Marena (tired to post the link here but couldn't, you could just google it) . All the best.  


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try wearing a very tight under armour until your rash goes away.

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