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7 Days Post Op - Question about Fluid

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7 Days Post Op - Question about Fluid
« on: August 18, 2008, 05:02:57 PM »
Hey Guys, first post. I have a question about fluid that is in my upper chest. when i press down with my palm on my upper chest, mid pec area, there is fluid that i can feel and HEAR moving around. Im not really worried about since its only been 7 days but Im just making sure this is ok to have. im pretty sure its not blood. there's no color i just think its from the swelling but i just want to make sure its nothing to worry about. my operation went great. basically no swelling and bruising. i think this is because im only 20 and my body took the surgery very well. it looked like i had a normal chest and didnt even have surgery so im very happy with it and cant wait to see the final results in a few months. i already feel that i dont need a vest. the vest sucks haha. im looking into just getting some compression shirts from under armour or nike or something already. thanks for your input it is much appreciated. this site rules by the way.

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Re: 7 Days Post Op - Question about Fluid
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2008, 04:13:32 PM »
Let your body do its thing. Im a lil over 4 weeks post op and still have some swelling. You body will take care of the fluid, mine did. Hope this helps.

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