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2 weeks post-op; questions about asymmetric results; pictures included

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So I am close to two weeks post op right now, and I've noticed that my right side is healing very differently from my left. It seems as though there is a quite a bit more tissue remaining in my right side, and the nipple protrudes out quite a bit further than the right. Also, it seems as though the area directly under the nipple is quite a bit more swollen on the right side.

My question is, is this a normal stage in the healing process. I realize that each side heals independently, but it seems as though the right side is starting to get puffier everyday. Any input is much appreciated; I'd love to know if anyone else went through a similar situation. Thanks.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=23388.0


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Looks great to me man. Especially only 2 weeks posts ops.

wait at least 1 month before expecting things to be final.

Thanks for the kind words Pooz, much appreciated. I'm definitely very happy with the results so far, I am just afraid that right side is going to permanently look a little chubbier and puffier than the left, but I obviously need to wait until I am fully healed to judge the final result.

I have similar concerns like you. I'm now 20 days post op and my right side is a bit more puffy and pointing out. 6 days after surgery it looked excatly as it looks now so I'm also confused of how much improvement can I expect. Ironically, before the surgery my left side was bigger and puffier and now it's completely opposite situation, my right side is bigger and puffier  :-\.  I really hope there will be some improvement as time goes by.

I think 20 days is still too early, and I'm sure changes will continue to take place for some time. All of the evidence (anecdotal from the boards, and directly from all the doctors) indicates that final results begin to show around 3 months, and marginal changes occurs to the 1 year mark.

Overall, are you happy with your results? Despite my concerns I will admit my chest looks considerably better than it did pre-op.

Yes, it looks around 30-40% better for now. I really hope it will improve to 80-90%  ;D

And I had just liposuction, no excision and that's why I'm afraid there may be still to much gland inside. Only time will tell.

how's it looking now? i'm in the same boat as you with my right chest slightly larger than my left; i can't tell if there's still some swelling or if it's just tissue - i'm going to give it some time because i'm only about 3 wks post op and know that it's still relatively early in the healing process; i just hope that it goes down and looks as close as my left side.

for those you who also replied with similar outcomes, how's it looking now? any improvements?


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My left side is more swelled above my nipple(making my chest look indented) while my right side looks fine.
I'm over 3 weeks post op.

your chest looks very good, no body has 100%  asymmetry, but this isnt something poeple or chicks will notice, not even for a second, its just that your so used to think negativly about your chest that your mind is still playing tricks on you, if you were in this situation your whole life it wouldnt bother you, not even for a sec.


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I am 2 weeks post op and my right side is bigger/puffier it does concern me but then again I am only 2 weeks post op.. I think it's just the swelling(hard lumps) that are causing the unevenness and as you said each side heals differently. Only time will tell...

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