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2 weeks Post, New Lumps formed

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2 weeks Post, New Lumps formed
« on: May 06, 2009, 07:10:12 PM »
I just had my surgery 2 weeks ago.  It was not done by a outside plastic surgeon or anything.  I went to my normal primary care doctor because my left breast was about 3x larger than my right with a large lump that hurt when pressed.  They were first concerned I had male breast cancer but it came back negative.  So I was scheduled to have the gynecomastia removed.  The surgery was called a "subcutaneous full mastectomy". They removed approx. 2.5 cups of material.

Surgery went great, didnt need any pain medication or anything.  Hardly had any draining or swelling, no bruising whatsoever.  However what I find interesting from other people is my experience for post op care is near to nothing from what others had.  I was never given or told about a compression vest.  I was never told to massage the area to reduce scar tissue.  Nothing.  All I was told is I can start working out again in 2 weeks.

Its now 2 weeks later, and under my skin, below the nipple, in a "U" shaped pattern around the outside of the areola I have 4 large balls under the skin that are rock hard to the touch.  They are sensitive when pressed hard.

Im just wondering if this is just normal swelling, or large scare tissue forming.  The reason im concerned is these lumps are new, they were not present pre surgery.

Thanks for any help gents.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=17634.0

Re: 2 weeks Post, New Lumps formed
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Re: 2 weeks Post, New Lumps formed
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Yeah, not to be a downer, but before having surgery you should always do a bunch of research on your own, you can't trust that the doctor is going to know exactly how to deal with it, especially with something like gynecomastia which most GPs know next to nothing about.  At this point, all you can do is go see your doctor again since he is the one who did the surgery and ask him what the deal is.  If that's not satisfactory, you should make an appointment with a plastic surgeon who specializes in gynecomastia surgery as they may have experience with issues like this. 

Re: 2 weeks Post, New Lumps formed
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I'm pretty sure what you're describing is scar tissue. Most PS have their patients wear a compression vest and massage the scar tissue to break it down before it gets mature. Since you're only 2 weeks post-op, you might to try a little massaging. It might help...

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