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Got Surgery done 1 month ago. Before and After pics + questions

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So i had surgery done 13/06 this year so it's been a while already.
Overall i'm really happy with the results and can now start to shape my body by working out consistently.
Anyway, i still got some minor worries and questions i want to ask.
1. My nipple(both) area still feels sore(if thats the right word) since surgery. Does it get any better?
2. My left nipple is a bit deformed. If i put my shoulders back like i maybe should you don't notice it at all, but in my natural posture you can see it looking weird. Will it stay this way or go back to normal? I have the feeling it wont change.
3. Both nipple areas seem sunked in. Idk if its just the drastic change or anything but does that change with the upcoming months or does it stay that way?! It just looks and feel kinda weird idk.
4. The 3 things above i don't really care or mind that much. My main concern is the following(both sides). My Pec muscles go from a little under the collarbone to a very little under the nipple. My Abs go only as high as you can tell on the picture and i very much doubt it'll change. Now what i'm left with is this weird looking space of nothingness between my pecs and my abs. Any ideas what i should even think of it cause i'm a bit confused and concerned at the same time. idk if its my chest that looks weird or my abs that look weird or wtf is going on. Like if my abs were straight it wouldnt look that way but i dont think i can feel any kind of muscle in that area. Any ideas?

I'm still very happy and proud to have taken the courage to get the surgery done.

Thanks in advance for reading this.

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Re: Got Surgery done 1 month ago. Before and After pics + questions
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anyone got advice or anything?

Re: Got Surgery done 1 month ago. Before and After pics + questions
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Hi! It looks fine to me! Well done on getting it done. May I ask where you had your op done? 

Re: Got Surgery done 1 month ago. Before and After pics + questions
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In France, Toulouse. Dr Eric Jougla.

First week post surgery was real tuff cause i was scared for all kinda reasons.
I only wore the compress thing for 2 days as sugested by my dr, and a bit later after reading psot surgery stories i learned that everyone was suggested to wear it for the very minimal 1 week. so that was kinda scary and confusing to me. Overall i think i was lucky to have met the right doctor cause i had no comlications and the results were good except the minor things i listed above.

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