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Breast hair?

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Re: Breast hair?
« Reply #15 on: March 28, 2018, 08:53:09 PM »
I don't hide mine.and im.a 36G or H in most of my bras. I  also don't flaunt them. I wear a tankini with a built in bra cups for support  (solid black or blue, loose fitting and looks like a tank top) for.coverage at the pool or the beach . I get a few compliments from the ladies on my swim top. I get a few compliments like "good for you" and "nice shape" but most say nothing .
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

Re: Breast hair?
« Reply #16 on: March 29, 2018, 05:02:38 AM »
 At a certain size, hiding our breasts is not an option. It just comes down to how are you going to show them, in a bra or braless.  But then, as any full busted woman  will tell you, braless really is not an option if your breasts are really big. You need to wear a bra for comfort, appearance, and good breast health.  My breasts are bigger than most women's, and I now wear a bra for all the reasons a woman would.


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Re: Breast hair?
« Reply #17 on: April 25, 2018, 01:27:11 AM »
I have so little breast hair that I could probably count then.  I just shave them off in the shower when they get long and forget about it,  As for hair else where, I have hair on top and bottom plus a mild beard but never had enough to really grow a real beard.  I also have plenty of hair on my arms. I never had much hair on my legs and light hair on my stomach , I could probably shave that off and the wife would never even notice.  Just need to get rid of this old man jut and I'd be fine,  Then maybe my small 36B breast would be noticeable.

I also have a gun carry permit but never had a reason to use it except for a strange law here in Virginia that you can't carry a gun in your car and ammunition unless it was in the trunk or visa versa. with out a concealed carry permit.  Sounds stupid but the law is the law.  So I got the permit.  That reminds me I need to go to the range more often.
If you got them flaunt them.  We all wear bras so wear what you like and to hell with the rest.

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