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The Anthrax Man.....

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The Anthrax Man.....
« on: August 03, 2008, 05:29:19 PM »
As I'm sure most of you follow the main current events, you all know of the developing story of the Anthrax case.

If you haven't, to put it short: The authorities have been investigating the anthrax attacks nonstop and were slowly deciphering where the anthrax came from. First believing the strands were mixed and varied they realized the strands were not all that unique and could be traced to their own government facilities.

A number of scientists and key personnel have been under nonstop observation and investigation by authorities.

They slowly closed in on this man: Bruce E. Ivins (others too)

You can find many pictures of him here.


This man was a top level scientist. He was in charge of his own facility and carried out many classed experiments.....including a few unauthorized ones. The many red flags were raising behind him. He had been diagnosed by many psychiatrists and therapists as being an aggressive-sociopath with violent revenge plotting fantasies/actions/threats especially in the last 10 years (many involved women/relationship). He had made numerous threats to his therapist of wanting to commit violent actions and of wanting to shoot his coworkers. When he told her that in response to all the pressure and legal threats he had bought a gun and bullet proof vest and was planning on going out in a bang she contacted his lawyer and had him committed to hospital observation where he was placed under suicide/homicide watch.

He was constantly being spied on for years and knew of a coming indictment directly related to the anthrax attacks. When he was committed this raised an ultimate flagged and he thus became even more surrounded by the indictment, he left a calm but threatening message to his therapist stating she was responsible for all this new negative attention and it was going to be her fault that he was going to be successfully indicted and charged for the anthrax attacks. She then took out a restraining order on him fearing for her own life and beind "scared to death of him". He was soon released and his job was slightly restricted for safety reasons.

His indictment was all but confirmed and he knew it, so he then apparently decided to take his own life by an overdose of OTC drugs. Thats about the end of the story.

We wont ever know the truth now. We will now assume he was responsible, but many people do not like this story and have trouble swallowing it. There are many people who feel this way.

But if you ask me the facts do pretty much add up.

He is now the ultimate suspect in the "2001 anthrax attacks". Not the whole world is convinced tho. Some believe he was coerced into suicide by the stress and situation he was in, public embarrassment to emotional breakdown leading to standard hospital observation, a certain degree of jobloss afterwards, having detectives sitting outside his house for years on end and being suspected nonstop (along several others). Some are crying out that this whole thing stinks to high heaven and now we are about to close the case. Suggesting this is a very convenient no questions ending.

But I dont necessarily believe that. The guy seemed to be a nutcase. It was amazing he kept his job all this time. They said he had the direct strains too.

If.....If he was innocent, would he not of left some sort of note saying he was? Thats what I would do. I wouldn't want to be disgraced like that but if I took his path I would of at least left a note telling of my innocence after death. But Ive heard of no such note at all. He just seemingly ended his life by overdose.

and get this: his mother died in 2000.....

So has anyone else been following the story?

Side note: they are concerned there may be more Bruce Ivins out there, since the early 2000's the bush administration has doubled the biological department and facilities have grown 5 times fold with as many new scientists working in there. It is as they have stated impossible to keep tabs on all these guys. Even with that, people like Ivins have been able to bypass security with their own access levels. After all he was the man in charge.

They said if a man in his position was intent on sneaking a substance out (like on a cotton cuetip), they admit theres little they could do or have done to fully prevent something like this. So hopefully they change their ways.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=15184.0


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Re: The Anthrax Man.....
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2008, 03:27:55 AM »
followed it when it happened of course and read a little about him today.  i admit i'm suspicious anytime i hear a high profile person's committed "suicide" but it's certainly plausible here based on what you mention.  but i also think there's far more dangerous bio research being done in black off-budget facilities too, though i expect the profiling and security is slightly better too. 

the increased bush biowarfare funding doesn't surprise me, the guy is evil, they're apparently without any shame or responsibility with respect to mininukes too.  genie?  bottle?  wasn't me... 
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