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Sunday Drivers......warning (moan incoming)

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Sunday Drivers......warning (moan incoming)
« on: June 10, 2006, 09:17:45 AM »
I wonder if anyone else has noticed this strange phenomenon?

Why is it on Sundays driving standards seem to go down? in fact they get flushed down the bog? I witness far more tailgating , crawling, ie a driver going so slow the tailgater trys to get past despite there being hardly anyroom, forgetting indicators, brake lights don't seem to work on many cars.

Oh and roundabouts seem to be even worse ( I don't think you lucky men in the states have these ;D) They  are just free for alls, forget the highway code, just shout 'kamikasee' and get in. Even better if you have a slow lumbering lorry or a van

The other day I was in my brothers new  car , behind us was a great lumbering suv seemingly mating with my bros backend. The driver was also making various angry gestures just because my brother (already just breaking the speed limit wasn't prepared to go as fast as this nutter ) .

Well we turned into the shopping centre  and low and behold suv man goes in there too. In the car park we get out and I see suv man get out ,  And I shout ' get something to say f*ck dust'..My bro yells 'not so hard now are you tw*t).SUV man scurried away , and says feck all.And guess what? this was on a Sunday .

I have two theories for this

1 the local loony asylums give all the 'clients' cars as therapy, and tell them to be back by midnight.

2 people think oh it's sunday the day of rest I can drive like a tw*t all day , by God it's my right.  ;D


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