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Put it in Proper Perspective

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Put it in Proper Perspective
« on: December 05, 2005, 11:43:10 PM »
I have been reading items on this board for the last year or more and absolutely agonizing over my condition as many of you are and have been. Ever since I first became aware that something was taking place on my chest I have been reading and researching what this whole thing is all about. As the growth continued and I noticed more and more mass under the surface I became actually fearful of just how far this would go. Looking down at my chest both my breasts appeared humongous and even looking in the mirror as I shaved they just seemed so very large.

This past summer I found a very secluded beach in the area where I live and I removed my shirt and began to enjoy the sun again. At least I felt like I was in the privacy of no one around so it really felt good. Toward the end of summer, maybe a month and a half ago my wife was here for a visit. I work in a foreign country and she comes over several times each year. Each time she would see me with my shirt off she would always try to reassure me that most of this is in my imagination and I tried to put it in that light but was never able to really believe that opinion.

Yesterday in the seclusion of my apartment I decided to do a little experiment. I have a good digital camera and I just purchased a nice tripod for it. I took a whole series of time delayed pictures of myself and was amazed at the outcome. Let me state that the growth in my breasts is sufficient and each is a large handful each and very full and fairly heavy. Anyway the first picture I took showed them to definitely be noticable but I was standing as I have come to stand of late, slumped over thinking that would minimize there appearance. The next few pictures I flung my shoulders back like I know I should always stand and guess what? My enlarged breasts look more like I spend a lot of time at the gym than what I was imagining. I am now convinced that what my wife was saying is true and for a man in his early sixties I now feel great and feel that I merely look very healthy.

My advice to all of you is to experiment a little bit as I did and take a total look at how others really see you not as you perceive yourself. I think most will be truly amazed.

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Re: Put it in Proper Perspective
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2006, 01:15:32 AM »
My advice to all of you is to experiment a little bit as I did and take a total look at how others really see you not as you perceive yourself. I think most will be truly amazed.

I think we all tend focus far too much on minute details about the contours of our chest.  I still do it post-op, and then I 'step back' and look at my entire self and don't just stare at my chest and realize any problem I think I still have is in my mind (except my fat-ass stomach that I want to lose).

I'm very glad that you were able to discover this about yourself and that you are happier.
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