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Fat bitch got me in trouble

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Fat bitch got me in trouble
« on: March 15, 2005, 01:15:29 PM »
I am once again the Victim of the corruption of people higher than I am. Today at Fat Bitch High School, I, Bubby the Tour Guide and Head Cutter, got a saturday detention from 9 to 12 and a $20 fine for a stupidass reason.

My teacher told me to go down to the lunch room to find this teacher to get some movie we were gonna watch in class or something. My lucnh period had already ended, which is part of the problem. I go downstairs, look for the bastard, only to not find him. Hot and thirsty, i go buy a soda from the machine. Then, some asswipe teacher catches me and sends me to the principal, who finds out that i am wearing jeanz instead of that dog shit uniform that they make us put on. The old fatass fag hag then gives me a saturday. I try to explain what happened, but no fucking luck. My teacher tried to explain too, but the fat bitch wouldn't listen. darn that shit, i aint going, no matter what they do to me.

I bet that if i bashed her fucking face with a baseball bat, she'd lose no intelligence at all because there's just dog shit between her ears. WHat do i do?

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Re: Fat bitch got me in trouble
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2005, 10:49:43 PM »
sounds like she had you on the uniform, but i'd be talking to your teacher for ideas.  you could try writing a letter since even if she's not listening, seeing the stuff on paper makes people think you could be prepping documentation for a suit (even if you're not).  if that doesn't help i'd say use ithis as an exercise in not letting things get to you, since if it's not going to go away, that's the only way you can win.  don't let it get to you.  
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Re: Fat bitch got me in trouble
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2005, 05:44:21 AM »
WHat do i do?

Spend a little time learning how to express yourself in an intelligent manner. You'd be surprised at how far that will get you in life... starting with the Principal of the school.


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Re: Fat bitch got me in trouble
« Reply #3 on: March 16, 2005, 09:36:03 AM »
Just so y'alls know, she ain't really the principal, she's just the head of the Department of Punishing People, just so you know.

I ain't the only one that think she sucks. The whole school has problems with her. One other time, I shaved my head because i had a severe ringworm infection that covered almost all of my scalp, and i had to wear a hat to hide it, so me and my mom went to tell her about the problem, and she started insulting my mom with really bad language. I defended my mom, and got suspended for 3 dayz. Luckily, i was allowed to take make-ups for all the examinations i had missed. And my grades are excellent, i have As and Bs in everything, cept for one class, which i have a C.

Lately, she's gotten insane. The whore has tightened uniform policy and we must all look like the photos in the school uniform catalog. Shirt Untucked, 2 hours of lost time after school.

Might i say, that the bitch banned iPods at school too. Now we can't take iPods to school no more because of her madness. ipod seen, iPod taken away for good. No returns.

Me and a couple of buddies are gonna write a complaint letter to the REAL principal about what the darn is going on.

O, i tried talkin to that fat bitch today, and she wouldn't listen. She threatened to expel me from school if i ever brought it up again. So sorry Agent K, but no letter to her.

I believe that this bitch has taken up a role of a dictator or something like Fidel Castro.

EDIT: I'm Finally a junior member!! woO WOo!!!!

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