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Engerland out of the world cup.

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Engerland out of the world cup.
« on: July 02, 2006, 02:10:29 PM »
To be honest until we went down to ten men we were mediocre at best.

But I have to say the argentine ref did not help. We went to war with them not so long ago.

And then we had the fatal combination of the king of chavs rooney , who cannot keep his temper in check, european players who couild enter the olympics for diving and a foreign coach who really didn't seem to give a cr*p.

As for Ronaldo, if rooney had chinned him after getting sent of at least rooney would have done one thing right.. If ronaldo sets foot in Manchester that cheating pri*k is done for. I hope that fat chimp rooney breaks his legs in the first training session.

Yes i watched the game in the local. Yes afterwards some chairs were flying around. Yes as happens every couple of year some idiot had the opposing teams flag flying from a car window and all the chavs ran after it throwing bottles and kicking in windows. Don't you just love england eh ;D  

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