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Anyone else here want to give them a right hook ;D

. I go for a check up, not been for like five years. Strangely she says my teeth are in good condition and all I need is a 'small filling' Said she would do it today save me coming back.

So she gets the injection that resembles something you use on cows ... and says 'you will feel a small prick' I just managed to stop myself giggling (she was rather fit)
It hurt a huge amount I had a local once before the pain was nothing like this.

She then waits like 3mins and starts to drill . Never been in so much pain in all my life and I have broken bones been burnt , had accidently stabbed etc. By now I just wanted it over with so I just bore the pain. I then get sent out dribbling everywhere. When the numbness wore off I noticed I could not  close my mouth without pain. (bear in mind I had no pain before the filling)

I call back. and get the bite adjusted on the filing I was also told my tooth might be fractured.how? I didn't have any pain until I came here? I says .She just said these things happen. I could close my mouth now but guess what I couldn't eat at all on that side. I waited a week and went back and saw a different dentist (her sister) at the practice.

She had a look did some tests and said she didn't think I had fractured it and she didn't like the look of the filling and also the local may have hit a nerve hence the pain . So she drilled it out and put a temorary one in . I now have to go back tomorrow tohave a different kind of filling put in. Hopefully not by the first dentist.  I have had to pay for all this silliness and guess what I am not going back for another five years.  ;D

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Re: Dentists
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get the second dentist to document it for you and tell the first one to cover your costs or else.  
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Re: Dentists
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get the second dentist to document it for you and tell the first one to cover your costs or else.  

Yeah I did what you said ,they had no problems at all doing that, I think they knew someone messed up. Actually it wasn't so bad yesterday, for some reason they have put me on the second dentists books now. Can't say I'm upset about it ...At least this time it didn't feel like I' had been in a boxing match with the dentist rather than getting treatment ;D