6 weeks post op - should I massage?

6 weeks post op - should I massage?
« on: January 04, 2019, 12:19:33 pm »
I had lipo and gland excision performed almost six weeks ago to the day on both sides.

I had my follow up yesterday with my surgeon.  My nipples were completely flat initially after my surgery, now 6 weeks later they have puffed up slightly with really hard mass behind them which he said is scar tissue.
Compression band was worn constantly for six weeks as instructed.

I questioned if I need to massage this and was told no this will reduce over time.  After reading many posts on here should I start to massage the areas to help breakdown the tissue?

If so, is there any good sites or YouTube videos how to do this as I have never been shown?

I can post pictures later if required but very confident it's not residual gland as my surgeon removed almost all and left only a very thin layer to avoid craters.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=34136.0

Re: 6 weeks post op - should I massage?
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Your story seemingly fits with the development of scar tissue beneath the areolas.  In my experience, scar tissue takes a bit of time to start -- roughly 3-4 weeks or more and then continues to remain or build between 4 and 12 weeks.  Massage rarely helps -- but it cannot hurt.  

If it still persists after 12-16 weeks, then consider returning to your surgeon to discuss possible cortisone injections to the scar tissue -- it works!

Good luck!

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Re: 6 weeks post op - should I massage?
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Thanks for your reply Dr. Jacobs, very reassuring.

It seems to only be an issue on the side that had the most gland excision, which I assume is because more work had to be done that side, hence more scarring underneath?

The nipple was completely flat after surgery and for a few weeks whilst I was showering and could have a look.

Seems to have only happened in the last couple of weeks and now that the compression garments is off.  

Will the nipple likely go flat again over time?  How does scar tissue work, will is flatten itself out or does it usually need intervention?

When I pinch the nipples there feels like a really hard nodule kind of thing underneath

Re: 6 weeks post op - should I massage?
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Massaging after surgery is a surgeon preference. My preference is to have my patients massage beginning three weeks after surgery. I think it helps to reduce and improve lumpiness which inevitable develops. hey begin with light massage and work into deep tissue massage as their tenderness subsides. I also think tht it helps the return of normal sensation to the skin which is typically numb for weeks to months after surgery. 
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Re: 6 weeks post op - should I massage?
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This is a common question after surgery. First there is no downside to massage. More often than not time is the single most important variable in the postoperative course. With any incision there is increased collagen build up with time that maxes out around a month then with time becomes more organized. I don't know what was done at surgery or how long you kept the garment on so with out getting to specific sounds typical and would expect some improvement in the nipple.
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Re: 6 weeks post op - should I massage?
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I'm generally a big fan of massage and I take an approach very similar to Dr. Schuster's.  As for the lump under the areola, Dr. Jacobs has described the common sequence of healing in this area, so it's not unusual for the lump to be very palpable and sometimes visible at the 6 - 8 week post-op visit when patients come in for follow up.  I tell them to monitor the process, and if it's not improving by 3 to 4 months post-op, then I'll consider cortisone to treat the scar. Follow up with your surgeon. 
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