First and most important step, clinic choice

First and most important step, clinic choice
« on: July 28, 2018, 10:11:44 pm »
We live in an age where innocent and vulnerable people get prayed upon, and sadly thatís the same for those who are looking for a clinic to get rid of these horrendous extensions of our body. The amount of questionable places offering to do this almost too good to be true surgery is dizzying.  

In my quest to find the ďperfectĒ surgeon, Iíve come across many clinics offering Gynecomastia surgery. And to make matters more difficult The price tag on these procedures could be as little as 1,500 euros.

A little bit about myself; Iíve had gyne since I can remember. 25 years of age now and super conscious when I wear any clothes. Last year I went to a general hospital to get them looked at, and the doctor told me I have between grade 2 and 3 Gynecomastia. Since then Iíve been desperately trying to find a private institute that takes care of this. After reading online and seeing people have botched results, Iím more hesitant than ever in which doctor to go for. Iíve scratched off any other place that does not provide after pics of the surgery, and Iím looking for something specific. I want to have as close to a manly chest as I can get. Reduced nipples, no excess skin and on top of all that someone that can work with my complexion.

Iíve found a clinic, Wellnessklinieck, and they seem ok but none of their doctors seem to be plastic surgeon board members, or if they are I canít find any. Pickiness is also due to having a budget of around 3,500 euros.

Has anyone ever been to WellnessKliniek, and if so what was the experience like?

Also can anyone help me find a place that could get me what Iím looking for, I.e reduced nipples, tighter and manly chest with a reliable clinic? Many thanks.

Ps Iíve attached a pic to indicate what I have.


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