Gyn post surgery

Gyn post surgery
« on: June 16, 2018, 11:42:28 am »
Its been five weeks since my gyno revisioon doctot tell me to join gym.but at this stage i am not comfortable in joining gym or doing hravy exercise.should i wait for some more time. Will work out help me healing.


Re: Gyn post surgery
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Every surgeon has his own recommendations for resumption of heavy physical exercise.  Obviously, with no knowledge of the extent of your surgery, we cannot make specific recommendations.

Best to discuss with your own surgeon -- he knows what was done and is in the best position to instruct you.

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Re: Gyn post surgery
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By now you may have resumed your exercise regimen (or initiated one), but I'm replying just to encourage you to include exercise in your routine if you want to have the best outcome.  Muscle building exercise will help give you better body/chest shape and if it's leaner, you'll show the underlying muscle better as well.  
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