Growing and accepting

Re: Growing and accepting
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DD, you not only have breasts like a woman, but bigger than many women.  It is good that you have come to except them, and now where a bra like a woman

I have been wearing a bra for a while.

Re: Growing and accepting
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Oh, that is good. Anybody with a bust as full as yours needs to wear a bra

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Re: Growing and accepting
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When I was a boy so long ago there was no choice bout to accept the condition.  Surgery was not a very good option until Liposuction made its way here in the 1980's  and by that time I was old enough that I had different priorities. 
When in my twenties, I had a Girlfriend who broke up with me because she could not deal with the fact that my breasts were larger than hers. 
My actual chest measurement is 44, but I get a jacket in a 48 to allow for my enhancements. 
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Re: Growing and accepting
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good for you I am upset ,because the growth hasn't stop ,but girlfriends and my bra website and the there local store help alot  they got me  into bra and panty  setups  they have more fun with this and my wife goes along with them i had half of my foot amputated and the doctor/therpest to wear high heels to push back pad muscle in my foot inwhich of relieving nerve pain it WoRks i just go along them 

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