Surgery with Dr Delgado September 27th!

Surgery with Dr Delgado September 27th!
« on: September 23, 2012, 05:01:37 am »
Hey guys, i'm having surgery with Dr Delgado on the 27th and I am terrified. I've only had one surgery in my life and it was a while back. Do the drains really hurt that bad? How uncomfortable are you during the time the drains are in? Do I really have anything to be afraid of? I'm so nervous that this whole weekend I've been thinking about not going through with it. Any suggestions on ways to calm myself and pump myself up to go through with this? please help!


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Re: Surgery with Dr Delgado September 27th!
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From what i've read (read alot) there usually is not that much pain after surgery, probably differs alot from patient to patient though.

But good luck on your surgery hope everything goes well, I am still in consideration of booking a surgery time myself but I am just too weak to tell my mom or anyone about it, I wouldn't be afraid of the pain afterwards :)

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You are in excellent hands with Dr Delgado.

Having fears about the surgery is not unusual.  One of the best remedies is to have all your questions answered in order to allay any previously un-stated fears.  I always tell my patients that a little nervousness is normal -- this is a new situation for you and that can incite trepidation.  On the other hand, do not allow the fear to be overwhelming.

Once the surgery is done, you will be a very happy camper and will wonder what all your fear was about.

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Re: Surgery with Dr Delgado September 27th!
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Thanks guys. Don't be scared to tell anyone terre. I'm 26 and have had this since puberty. I've been wearing duct tape on my chest for over 10 years and it's the worst thing ever. I work in weather that is over 100 degrees during the summer and while everyone else is wearing white shirts, I show up every day wearing black. I've never been swimming, taken my shirt off at the beach, never let a female see me without a shirt. It sucks. There's been times through my life where I've felt so shitty about my chest that I didn't wanna live anymore. I even had a doctor who sent me to a physical therapist and the physical therapist had the nerve to tell me to stop smoking weed! I have learned to live my life with gyne but I'm just completely over it. I just wanna wear white t shirts and tank tops all day. I know on my first post I said I was terrified but after writing this it just pisses me off and I'm ready to get rid of this gyne!

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I just had surgery this morning at 8am. The surgery lasted about 3 and a half hours. Dr Delgado and his staff are amazing! I was super nervous but they helped me through it and even put on some music to help me relax. I've been back at the hotel since around 2pm and have felt absoluteley zero pain. I feel amazing! Kind of uncomfy cause of the vest but I'm doing really well. I actually got to see a quick peak at my chest before I left and it was unreal. I highly recommend Dr Delgado to anyone ever considering this surgery. The surgery cost $8,700 but it is worth it. I'll keep you guys updated on how I'm healing and feeling

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So i'm about a week post op and my recovery is going very well. Still no pain. I had my drains removed tuesday and it was the worst part of the whole process. I've taken one shower since and my chest looked good. I tried on a t shirt after my shower to see what I looked like and I couldn't believe it. I always thought I would finally feel normal but I actually felt the opposite. I lived so long with gyne that it's all i've known. But i must say I am very happy and looking forward to not wearing this compression vest, working out, swimming, and doing all things where I can remove my shirt. I'll still post updates to keep everyone informed on my recovery. Thanks guys!

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thats awesome dude.. congrats on your 'new' life :)

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Thank you. Everything is going pretty well. Almost have full range of motion in my arms and its been a little over two weeks since the surgery. I'm kind of worried though because my left nipple seems kind of puffyer than my right. It's hard to explain but it's not as flat as the right one. Maybe the doctor didn't remove enough fat in that certain area? Or maybe it's just more swollen. But to me it seems maybe he missed a spot and that has had me stressing out! We'll see what happens